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SLO ~ How to place images on exams

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SLO ~ Student Learning Objectives

Note:  This help guide is taken from the perspective of the Faculty role.  For the Admin and Faculty Mgmt roles the screens will not be the same, but should help in  your understanding of the process.

Log in as Faculty Lead.

On Instructor Page:  Click on links in 'Faculty Lead' column.

Before proceeding, you will want to examine the images you have for your course.  Using your favorite image editor, please ensure each image is within the following limits: 

  • Image height 600 pixels or less
  • Image width 800 pixels or less

The above image limits ensure the images are well formatted to the exam page.  Also, making all the images close to the same width allows the student to read the page easier.

Next click the file icon next to the course you want to upload files for.

Click the 'Browse' button and select each file and click 'upload' button.  Repeat for each file needed for the course.  

When all images are loaded be sure to scroll down and click the save button.

Now, click on the course link in the 'Exam Setup' column.  You will be taken to the Exam edit form.

To select an image do the following:

  1. Click picture iconfor position you need image
  2.  A box showing of all the images you have uploaded will appear.  Scroll within box and click on image you want to select.
  3. The html code for this image will be placed in the area you selected.  Do not change this code or the image may not appear.
  4. If you do not want the image to appear, then remove the code from the box and type in what you need in the box.

If an image is missing go back and upload it and then return to the exam setup page.  Be sure to save any changes to the exam, if needed.  

Return to Faculty Lead Menu and click on the links under 'Exam Verify' to view the exam and the images to ensure it looks correct.