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Voice Mail Overview

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The voice mail system’s phone number is 5600.  The first time you call it from your extension, you will be directed through the voice mailbox setup process.

To automatically direct people to your voice mail, you’ll need to forward your calls to 5600.  You use the normal #4 5600 and #8 5600 to forward on no answer and busy, and *4 and *8 to cancel such forwarding.  You are responsible for forwarding your phone in accordance with the Southwest voice mail policy.

When you’ve received voice mail and you have a regular telephone, you will hear a “stutter tone” when you pick up the receiver.  If you have a digital telephone (Dterm) you will see a red light in the upper right corner of your phone.

To listen to your voice mail messages, call 5600.  If you’re calling from another phone on campus, enter # 9 followed by your extension number after the system answers.  Directions for checking your voice mail from off campus can be found in the article, Using Voice Mail.

Everywhere in voice mail, answer “Yes” by pressing “1”, “No” by pressing “2”.

For problems or assistance with voice mail, call the campus help desk at extension 4357 (HELP).

Using Voice Mail on Your Desktop

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. Enter in the Location bar (Firefox) or Address bar (Internet Explorer), then press ENTER. Click here to open the Voicemail Manager
  3. Type your User ID. This is 9 followed by your 4-digit telephone extension. This personal User ID cannot be changed.
  4. Type your voicemail security code. If you have forgotten your security code, contact your system administrator. The administrator can reset the security code enabling you to create a new code.
  5. Click Sign in.