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Remedyforce ~ Recurring Incidents

Views: 2301 Created: 2015-05-22 14:55 Last Updated: 2020-02-07 15:02

How to run recurring incidents for Physical Plant.

1. Log in to Service Desk:

2. On menu tab: click on 'Remedyforce Workspaces'.

3. On left menu panel under 'Configuration', click 'Templates'.

4. Find the template and click the Physical Plant Recurring TemplateNOTE:  Users who are not creating recurring incidents have used the 'Physical Plant Recurring Template' and generated a lot of unwanted tickets.  Therefore, contact EAS to have them enable this template for ServiceDesk Staff users.  After it is used let EAS know so they can disable it so it is not used accidently.

5. Click the menu icon 

6. Change the recurrence information and click save. 

Be sure to select exactly what you need or you may generate too many or too few incidents.

7.  out of the recurrence window.

8. Update Description field information.  Scroll down to bottom of template form and click Description.

9.  After clicking the Description field label, the contents of the "Value" field will show in the form about the table. 

Make changes to this information and click

10. Update the Category field information.  Use drop down to select the category.

11. Update Impact and Urgency fields, as needed.

12. Check all information to make sure it was updated correctly.  When you're satisfied everything is correct then click Save on template window.
13. On menu tab:  click 'Remedyforce console' and click

14. On incident form

Client ID:  (put your id)

Template:  (put template name)

15. Save incident.

16. Optional: Verify newly generated incidents are in the 'Physical Plant holding' queue.  These incidents will be moved to the 'Physical Plant' queue one day their opened date.