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Quick install Guide to Desktop Tools (GODDTOP) & Spreadsheet Budgeting

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Update Banner forms 

Grant modify access to Banner form GODDTOP

GORDSEC  - Needs Add in Code 'Budget'  for each Wizard Name requested. DOWNLOAD, VALIDATION, and DOWNLOAD.  Finance department should approve.


Ellucian: 000022323 - CMS-4712: Quick install guide to Desktop Tools (GODDTOP) and Spreadsheet Budgeting Enhancement

Issue: Quick install guide to Desktop Tools (GODDTOP) and Spreadsheet Budgeting Enhancement


Resolution: FAQ #1-6BF-794 - #4712 -

This FAQ is designed to provide a quick reference guide and steps to installing

Desktop Tools (GODDTOP) and Spreadsheet Budgeting Enhancement.

For more detailed instructions and debugging info please see FAQ 1770 posted to ActionWeb

"How can I learn about (GODDTOP) Desktop Tools Application and Spreadsheet Budgeting Enhancement?"

First obtain latest BANNER_HOME/general/desktop/goddtop.exe (~15M) install software

Banner 7.x/6.x - goddtop.exe - Deliver with Gen60 release

Steps to install on DBA machine


1. Install Visual Basic v6.0, Excel, and SQL*NET (configured to access Banner database) on DBA machine

2. Copy latest BANNER_HOME/general/desktop/goddtop.exe to c:\sct_temp

3. Launch c:\sct_temp\goddtop.exe

4. Click Next

5. Destination folder = C:\sct\banner\goddtop and click next

6. Check both

- GODDTOP Setup Application

- GODTTOP Source

7. Click next to install

8. Click Finish

9. Open c:\sct\banner\goddtop\source\GODDTOP.vbp in Visual Basic

10.Within Visual Basic locate Modules -- modSecurityRoutines

11. Find line

'g_objSecurityCollection.AddSecurityString "database name", G_DESKTOP_NAME,


12.Add a line like this under the above line

g_objSecurityCollection.AddSecurityString "PROD",

G_DESKTOP_NAME, G_DESKTOP_VERSION, "12345678", "87651234"


database name is the TNS Connect string from TNSNAMES.ORA



Special note: a line starting with single quote ' is a comment line in Visual Basic.

You must remove the single quote from the line in order to use Role Level Security.

You can add as many database names and seed numbers as needed for your site (SEED,PROD,TEST)

13.File--Save Project

14.File--Make goddtop.dll (Save goddtop.dll to C:\sct_temp)

15.Exit Visual Basic.

16.Open c:\sct\banner\goddtop\source\ToolsUpdate.vbp in Visual Basic

17.File--Make ToolsUpdate.exe (Save ToolsUpdate.exe to C:\sct_temp)

18.Exit Visual Basic

19.Move these 3 files to a file sever (Example \\server1\goddtop_install) to allow

for future client machine installs

- C:\sct_temp\goddtop.dll

- C:\sct_temp\ToolsUpdate.exe

- C:\sct\banner\goddtop\setup\goddtop-setup.exe

20.You have finished DBA install of SCT Desktop Tools.

Steps to install on client machine


1. Install Excel and SQL*NET (configured to access Banner database) on client machine

2. Copy these 3 files from server (Example \\server1\goddtop_install) to c:\sct_temp

- C:\sct_temp\goddtop.dll

- C:\sct_temp\ToolsUpdate.exe

- C:\sct_temp\goddtop-setup.exe

3. Run goddtop-setup.exe

4. Click next

5. Click yes

6. Destination folder = C:\sct\banner\goddtop and click next

7. Select "No" to dialog box "Do you want to update SCTDesktopTool.dll?

8. Select "Yes" to restart your computer.

9. Manually run C:\sct_temp\ToolsUpdate.exe

Target Directory= C:\sct\banner\goddtop\GODDTOP.DLL

New DLL Path= c:\sct_temp\goddtop.dll

Click OK

Special note: Error running ToolsUpdate.exe not finding DLL defect 70146

Additional steps to test client install


10. Create a user (TEST_GODDTOP) in GSASECR

- default role=BAN_DEFAULT_CONNECT

- enroll them in the BAN_GENERAL_C class (GODDTOP with BAN_DEFAULT_M)

11.Open Banner and go to form GORDSEC


- Add-In Code Wizard Name




- Save changes and exit form and Banner

12.Launch C:\sct\banner\goddtop\DesktopTools.xla

13.Excel should open and you want to enable Macros

14.From File menu select Banner -- Connect to Database

- User Name: test_goddtop

- Password: u_pick_it

- Database: PROD

15.It should connect with no errors and state in title bar

"Microsoft Excel - Connected to Banner: test_goddtop@PROD(1)"

16.You have now confirmed Desktop Tools can connect to Banner database

Steps to deinstall


1. Go to Start--Settings--Control Panel--Add/Remove Programs

2. Locate program "SCT Desktop Tools" and click "Add/Remove"

3. Answer "Yes" to dialog box "Are you sure you want to completely

remove 'SCT Desktop Tools' and all of its components?"

3. Delete the C:\SCT directory and anything inside.

4. Go to Start--Run = regedit

5. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -- SOFTWARE -- SCT and manually delete it

if it still exists.

6. Reboot machine and SCT Desktop Tools should now be removed.

Special Note:

If after deinstalling Desktop Tools you still have an "SCT Desktop Tools"

entry in Start--Settings--Control Panel--Add/Remove Programs then please do this

1. Go to Start--Run = regedit

2. Locate entry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\goddtop]

and manually delete it

3. Locate entry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\SCT Desktop Tools]

and manually delete it

4. Reboot and you should no longer see the entries in Add/Remove Programs


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