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1 How do I apply for admissions?

Go to the main web site Select the type of student that best fits you and then on the list select "Apply online for Southwest ".

2 Can I get something showing that I am taking classes this semester?

Yes, you can log into your my.southwest account and on the left side of the page there is a link to enrollment verification. You may also come into the Admissions and Records office and fill out a Verification of Enrollment. Please note that if you are interested…

3 How do I change my major?

Each student should discuss academic goals and programs with his/her academic advisor. At the point when a decision has been reached to change his/her major, the student must submit a request by logging into their account. The change will…

4 I was told that I am on academic suspension. What now?

A student who either fails at the end of the probationary term to meet minimum required standards for good standing or fails to earn at least a 2.0 GPA during the probationary term will be suspended for one regular semester. The summer term is not counted…

5 What do I need to do to start preparing for Graduation?

You must contact your Academic Advisor to complete the graduation application the semester before your final semester. The deadlines are online under the graduation link.

6 What classes are offered at Southwest?

Please see our Southwest homepage http://www/ You will find the programs under either Future or Current Students and Areas of Study.

7 Can my school fax my transcripts?

No. In order for us to accept them as Official documents, the transcripts must be mailed or sent to us electronically. However, if you hand delivered your high school transcript in a sealed envelope, it will be considered official if the envelope is still…

8 How will I know if my classes are cancelled?

You will be contacted by email informing you that your class was cancelled. You will have the opportunity to choose another class or receive a full refund of all fees for the cancelled class.

9 How do I change my address?

You will need to complete a Change of Records Form with the Admissions and Records Office with documentation verifying the change you are requesting be made to your records. .

10 Can I get copies of documents submitted to Southwest?

Yes, the College will comply with students' requests for copies of their records.